FIRST REAL POST ;; 1/26/22

I GOT UP REALLY EARLY TODAY T__T (2 am..................because i fell asleep at 5 pm, i hope this doesnt become a pattern, maybe it's from a monster crash?)

my boyfriend went back to bed so i'm just watching ouat. a random urge struck me because i've been randomly having a fairy tale kick in my brain. i forgot how corny it is but i still enjoy it, it brings a lot of nostalgia for me.... my dad got me into it during a really hard time of my life and it was a huge comfort... it still is!!!

for some reason the silly writing just hits just right and some of the serious stories they do hit just right too.

i don't know why fairy tales are so comforting. maybe it's because, i'm trying to see the magic in life. i do still see it, but i really need to grasp it again. figurative and literal magic. i want to become a more spiritual person and enjoy day to day life. i want to pretend there's fairies living in the woods, i want to make silly arts and crafts, i want to enjoy the simplicity of life.

and ouat for some reason reminds me that adult life can be messy and complicated but, there can still be so much magic, love, and hope. i don't know if that's what the writers were going for, but...

tldr it's not a deep show, it is in some parts but mostly it's just, random magical drama that takes itself a little too seriously and i love that about it.

REESE'S PUFFS ;; 1/25/22

hi!!!!!! my name's cody/jamie and i'm a host of an osdd-1b system

so system stuff has made things... blurry for me lately in terms of solid identity so here is a very very wip shapeshift blog page!! >w>;; i'll add more deco and personalization and i'll try to blog seriously or just about silly random stuff

i'm not sure what kind of stuff i'll post about maybe ramblings or stuff about pets or games..? maybe not too personal and i dont want to be negative on here at all...

i want this to be my space (BDUM TSH) and like a journal!!